Nicholas Harris

Hyonotherapist and Reiki Master - Teacher

Life changing therapy

Therapy sessions are tailored to your needs and to your beliefs with session time divided between counseling and active inner work.

Life is a reflection of emotion. When you heal your feelings from the inside, your world will naturally change.

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Nicholas Harris is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and an 8th Generation Reiki Master / Teacher.

Over the last 16 years, he has helped thousands of clients with the art of personal change. The focus of Nick’s work is the use of consciousness for healing. Nick teaches “The Path of Inner Relationship”, a fresh way to heal negative emotion.

Nick views life as a reflection of the mind and challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. He helps his clients find happiness by mastering emotion.

Working internationally, Nick is the owner of the Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and consults for Chiva Som, a world-class healing resort in southern Thailand.

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How I Can Help You

Practical Healing. The emotional tools you need to master your life.


Personal sessions from the clinic in Chiang Mai or Online.

Online Courses

Self help content you can follow from home.


Retreats, professional mentoring and more.

Benji Carter

Nick is a kind and gentle soul and it is his warm nature that creates and allows space for your own healing. He helped me immensely with some issues I had been sitting on for some time.

Kristen Yates

Nick is a gifted healer and teacher, and such a beautiful soul filled with presence and peace. During our therapy session, he helped me release some deep-seated patterns and beliefs that have since given me freedom I haven't felt in years.

Corie Chu

Nick is an incredibly talented healer, hypnotherapist, and teacher. I've trained in Reiki 1-4 with him and he's the most patient, thoughtful, teacher full of heart.


It has been my privilege to help people from all over the world over the last 19 years in my therapy practice. In helping them to heal trauma, improve relationships and overcome emotional challenges, many of them reached out to leave reviews.

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