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Reiki treatment in Chiang Mai

Reiki channels high vibration energy for healing. This safe and natural treatment is available from the clinic in Chiang Mai.


Why Do People Come for a Reiki Session?

We live in a busy world where many people are quite overwhelmed. Between the demands of family, work and the continual interruption of technology, many people feel overstimulated and not heard. Increasingly, relationships are breaking down and we are experiencing rapid rises in depression, anxiety and work-related disorders. Many people simply feel exhausted.

Reiki treatment is a modern-day sanctuary. You will be welcomed and listened to in a supportive, understanding and accepting framework of love before being invited to enjoy the healing embrace of Reiki. There is no judgement within the confines of a Reiki session and you will have the opportunity to freely explore whatever is on your heart.

What Happens in a Reiki Session?

A Reiki session is divided between counseling, Reiki healing and post-treatment counseling.


In this busy world, many people simply do not feel heard. The counseling portion of the Reiki session is an opportunity to speak about any emotional challenges in your life and be heard against the backdrop of acceptance, support, compassion and wisdom. It might be appropriate to offer advice on life changes that can help the client in the process of healing.

Reiki Healing

Following a period of talking, sharing and really being heard, you will be invited to the treatment space. This is where the energetic portion of the Reiki treatment happens.

Reiki treatment usually happens on a massage table. The client is always fully clothed and your treatment professional will learn how you feel most comfortable being touched. Many people do not understand the healing power of touch. Touch is all too often associated purely with sexuality. Within Reiki, you will receive gentle, loving, nonsexual touch that feels safe to the core. You will be invited to close your eyes while the practitioner channels Reiki healing energy into your chakras, the energetic centre of your system.

The first goal of Reiki treatment is to create balance. Therefore, the practitioner energises and balances the seven chakras before proceeding to focus on other areas of the body. Reiki treatment itself is an intuitive, and warm space. It is common for people to fall asleep.

Post- Treatment Talk

After the Reiki treatment, you will be invited to come back to the counseling room again. Some people like to talk about things that they experienced during the treatment and it is not uncommon to notice that the increased feeling of safety following the treatment also helps some people to freely talk about things they did not feel safe talking about before.

The post talk provides the opportunity to discuss any questions and, sometimes, the client will be given homework or advice to help them make changes in their personal situations moving forward.

How Can Reiki Help Me?

For many people, Reiki is a sanctuary from the demands of modern life. The full Reiki treatment experience allows an opportunity to share deeply and be heard, rest deeply and recharge as you bathe in the light that is Reiki and be gifted self help tools and processes to take home with you. Reiki relieves stress, alleviates pain and helps one to regain loving and balanced centre.

The more love we feel inside, the more we can give to the world outside as well. To receive Reiki is therefore a blessing to the world around as well.

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Therapy sessions available at the clinic in Chiang Mai or online.

About Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and an 8th Generation Reiki Master / Teacher.

Over the last 16 years, he has helped thousands of clients with the art of personal change. The focus of Nick’s work is the use of consciousness for healing. Nick teaches “The Path of Inner Relationship”, a fresh way to heal negative emotion.

Nick views life as a reflection of the mind and challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. He helps his clients find happiness by mastering emotion.

Working internationally, Nick is the owner of the Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and consults for Chiva Som, a world-class healing resort in southern Thailand.

Nick currently works for The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre. You can read client reviews of this work here.

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