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Therapy to resolve anxiety in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In this modern and hyper-busy world, anxiety is common. Understanding that emotions communicate needs, therapy aims to foster a deeper emotional connection to oneself and one’s life choices. Personal therapy sessions to treat anxiety are available in Chiang Mai or online.

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What Is Anxiety?

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling in the body that is usually accompanied by negative thoughts in the mind. Anxiety might feel quite overwhelming with a rapid breath and heart beat and thoughts being out of control.

What is the consequence of anxiety

Anxiety can limit people’s lives leading to avoidance of the people, things or places that “trigger” the anxiety itself. Anxiety can have an impact on career and personal relationships and lead to fears and phobias.

It is common for people suffering from anxiety to be stuck in a pattern of trying to push anxiety away. Quite literally, there is anxiety about anxiety leading to what is known as “cyclical anxiety”.

The sufferer may feel anxious about other people seeing their anxiety, and a negative circle is formed. Anxious people often go to great lengths to try and hide the fact that they are feeling anxious; which only serves as an additional fuel for the pattern of anxiety itself.

It is important to bring acceptance to the presence of anxiety itself as well as both learning strategies to process anxiety when it arises, and to explore and resolve it’s causes in therapy.

Where does anxiety come from?

Anxiety is usually created by:

  1. Unresolved emotions from the past.
  2. Inner conflict in the present
  3. Negative projections into the future.

Each of these causes of anxiety can be resolved with hypnosis.

Therapy treatment for anxiety

Treatment begins with emotional education. The client is taught about what anxiety is so and how they may learn to feel comfortable with emotions.

Hypnosis might be used to teach the client how to enter a state of safety and relaxation. From there, it’s causes can be explored from a safe and relaxed state of mind – perhaps leading to regression work or parts therapy.

Emotions as explored as being being signals from aspects of the psyche and the client is guided in the development of “inner relationship” – to understand oneself and the motivation behind every feeling.

Breath work and anxiety

Clients are taught how to “go into” anxious feelings and change them through conscious use of the breath. Proper breathing facilitates emotional change with a corresponding shift in patterns of thinking and behaving. Breathe work is often combined with EFT and EMDR therapy as a precursor to hypnosis work to process old feelings and change anxiety at it’s root.

Relaxation and anxiety

Relaxation is the opposite of anxiety. Therefore learning strategies to induce conscious relaxation at will is beneficial for the treatment of anxiety. In a therapy context, this may include training in self hypnosis techniques.

How many sessions does it take to resolve anxiety?

The number of sessions required depends upon the individual circumstances. On average, many forms of anxiety can be resolved in 3-5 session of hypnosis work.

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About Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and an 8th Generation Reiki Master / Teacher.

Over the last 16 years, he has helped thousands of clients with the art of personal change. The focus of Nick’s work is the use of consciousness for healing. Nick teaches “The Path of Inner Relationship”, a fresh way to heal negative emotion.

Nick views life as a reflection of the mind and challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. He helps his clients find happiness by mastering emotion.

Working internationally, Nick is the owner of the Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and consults for Chiva Som, a world-class healing resort in southern Thailand.

Nick currently works for The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre. You can read client reviews of this work here.

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